Intelligent public lighting control system for smart cities

Netico offers a complete end-to-end solution which allows cities to monitor and control public lighting easily, from one place, helping in reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission. Additionally, the solution enables maintenance planning and cost reduction by real-time detection of various malfunctions.

Netico advanced lighting control system integrates necessary hardware and software components in a modular way, so it is flexible and adaptable to any customer and project requirements.

Hardware components

• NTLC – Netico smart energy sensor loaded with specifically designed firmware for lighting control

• Complete telecommunication infrastructure necessary for integration

• Backup battery power to ensure uninterrupted operation

Software components - ALCS application based on the Netico Hive platform

• Collects measurements and alarms from the NTLC sensor

• Stores collected data into the time-series database

• Provides a Web-based user interface

• Facilitates a built in API for interfacing GIS systems

NTLC – Netico Light control energy sensor

Installed at feeders which bring power to the street light infrastructure, NTLC measures a number of electrical parameters including currents, line voltages, frequency, active and reactive power, power factor, current and voltage harmonics (up to 31st harmonic), etc. All measured parameters are stored locally on the sensor device for up to 5 years with the aggregate resolution of 5 minutes. The system uses stored data to perform advanced analytics and provide better insight into trends, reduce energy consumption and increase the reliability of the overall public lighting grid.

Main Features

• Fully automated system

• Turns On & Off public lights in accordance with predefined calendars

• Two independent calendars

• Automated or manual control

• Electrical parameters measurements and archiving

• Alarms based on measurements

• Remote control

• Advanced analytics

Advanced features

• Real-time clock with support of simple network time protocol (SNTP) for time synchronisation.

• Configurable rules through the built in rule engine

• Real time measurements can be used as an input into the rules

• Usage of configurable timers

• Alarm and event functionality

• Relay remote control

• Possibility of the remote firmware update


Saves energy
Optimises maintenance
Increases reliability
Improves quality
of street lighting


Saves energy
Optimize maintenance
Increases security
Improves quality
of lighting

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