Netico Hive system is a modular, extensible and scalable software infrastructure which acts as a glue component that integrates together various hardware and software subsystems in a typical Industrial IoT project. The Netico Hive has been designed using the Microservices concept and is based on trusted open source technologies and components to ensure high quality, availability and scalability in different industrial scenarios. The key components of the Netico Hive system include:

- Data collection services to collect information from Netico and third party devices

- Software integration services to integrate third party software components like ERP systems, maintenance systems, inventory management systems, etc.

- Relational database to store various structural and configuration parameters or relevant information coming from third party structured data sources

- Time series database to efficiently store various measurements coming from industrial equipment and monitored processes

- High speed data caching storage for various status and contextual information

- Data processing services for high speed, advanced processing of collected data, including application of machine learning and advanced analytics

- Visualisation services for building impressive user interfaces and report dashboards

Key usage scenarios

Netico Hive system is built as a modular set of software components, which can be deployed as an integrated system or as individual components, depending on the required level of integration and available software infrastructure in the particular project. Components of the Netico Hive system can be easily combined with existing data collection and visualisation systems like SCADA, Data Historians, MES and similar to fulfil the required use cases. Here are just a few usage scenarios of the Netico Hive system:

- As a full stack data integration, storage, processing and visualisation system, where there is a need for an end-to-end Industrial IoT solution.

- As a data integration layer which integrates Netico Edge devices into the existing software and hardware infrastructure.

- As a software integration, storage, data processing and visualisation layer on top of third party Edge devices and hardware systems.

Deployment options

Netico Hive system is built to provide a very flexible set of deployment options:

- As an on premise system within the customer IT infrastructure.

- As a set of services hosted on the Netico Cloud environment.

- As a cloud system within the customer existing Cloud infrastructure.

The deployment model in the concrete case depends on many factors, among which the most important are data handling policies and other rules and regulations related to data sensitivity and safety

Key benefits

- Scalability
- Performance
- Openness (based on proven open-source technologies like InfluxDB and Grafana)
- Modular architecture