All-in-One Smart Energy Sensors

New high-end Netico NTPM 100 series of smart energy sensors combine 3 functions in a single powerful and cost-effective internet-connected device.

  • Monitoring of electrical energy parameters
  • Power quality analysis
  • Management of electrical energy use
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  • Products
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Easy to use, powerful and versatile yet affordable smart power analyzers

Gain full control over your energy consumption with NTPM sensors

The main goal of every business is to increase productivity while consuming less and saving energy. NTPM 100 energy sensors are the perfect tool to reveal all energy savings opportunities, thus reduce costs and pollution. They deliver key energy data and advanced analytics that help strategically balance consumption, emission, efficiency and reliability.

Main Features

  • Measure over 100 electrical energy parameters
  • Support three-phase and single-phase installations
  • Provide power quality analysis
  • Full internet connectivity through standard Ethernet interface
  • Embedded rule engine for event-driven control
  • Digital outputs for control functions
  • Integrated alarm system
  • Internal memory holds years of data
  • Integrated webserver
  • Web-based interface
  • DIN rail mount
  • UL and CSA certified
  • LVD and EMC complient


  • Energy management of industrial, office, and residential facilities
  • Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, distribution, or production
  • Remote monitoring of switchboards and medium voltage connections
  • Remote monitoring of 10/0.4 kV transformer stations
  • Asset management


  • Continuous real-time energy monitoring 24h a day
  • Reduce electricity cost
  • Allocate energy costs to departments or processes
  • Ease of installation
  • Simple integration into larger systems and solutions
  • Easy configuration with intuitive web interface
  • Easy to use with precise metering
  • Reduce downtime, protect your investments, and prolong lifetime of your assets
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Cost-effective, all-in-one energy management solution

Easy installation and integration

Easy installation due to compact design and small footprint. Just snap it onto the standard DIN rail.

Directly connect CAT III measurement channels to voltages up to 690 V on different network configurations.

With Ethernet connectivity and a built-in web server supporting cloud-level analytics, NTPM sensors can be quickly and easily deployed in any energy management scenario. No need for complex and expensive middleware and long integration projects.


NTPM series offers different interface configurations according to customer needs.

Ethernet connection is a standard feature available on all models, while the RS485 interface is optionally available on selected models.

NTPM series also offers different combinations and numbers of Digital inputs and Digital outputs, either solid-state or standard relay.

See the Products tab to discover all possible configurations.


NTPM sensors support manual or event-driven relay control. The sensors provide 3 digital solid-state outputs or a combination of 1 solid-state and two relay outputs depending on the model.

The embedded rule engine can generate alarms, events, and control relay actions based on real-time measurements combined in a configurable set of rules to achieve concrete energy-saving actions.

Integrated Web Server

All NTPM software features are embedded in the device. Thus, no additional software is needed. Web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone is the only external application necessary to get access to all functions like:

  • Real-time monitoring and control

Real-time measurements, as well as historical data, are displayed on an attractive, dashboard-like user interface.

  • Sensor configuration

All configuration options are available as a set of Web links accessible only by administrative users.

  • Data archive analysis

Easily configure graphs to compare and display only desired information.

Data archiving

Internal flash memory holds years of data and events.

Used also for energy consumption reports and web server graphs and trends.

Store all measured data with 1-second resolution for a period of 1 month.

Store the most important energy parameters in 5-minute intervals for up to 5 years.

Optimized writing and read access to ensure long memory life.

Energy management

NTPM sensors monitor energy consumption and critical parameters every second of the day. Further, they provide advanced analytics to identify all savings potentials.

Know precisely how much energy and when it is needed. Optimize, plan, and reorganize energy consumption in order to lower energy costs.

Time synchronization

Real-time clock and support for the standard NTP (Network Time Protocol) allow time synchronization with SCADA servers, GPS time modules, etc.


NTPM 100A / 110A

Smart Energy Sensor

100-270 VAC, Ethernet, RS485, 3 Digital Ouputs, up to 31st Harmonic, Alarms

View Details

NTPM 100D / 110D

Smart Energy Sensor

9-48 VDC, Ethernet, RS485, 1 Digital Output, 2 Relay outputs, up to 31st Harmonic, Alarms

View Details

NTPM 100A-DI / 110A-DI

Smart Energy Sensor

100-270 VAC, Ethernet, 3 Digital Inputs, 1 Digital Output, 2 Relay outputs, up to 31st Harmonic, Alarms

View Details

NTPM 100D-DI / 110D-DI

Smart Energy Sensor

9-48 VDC, Ethernet, 3 Digital Inptus, 1 Digital Output, 2 Relay outputs, up to 31st Harmonic, Alarms

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As energy consumption is constantly rising, the energy market is getting more complex every day. So, the importance of energy boosts as well, and it is right time to manage your energy with care whether you generate, transmit, or distribute it.

NTPM sensors will help you to successfully manage all your energy assets and maintain power availability by:

  • Delivering accurate energy data from exchange points
  • Improving the power quality of the energy delivered to your customers
  • Maintain the reliability of network and equipment
  • Maximize the use of resources and improve service
  • Identify and isolate the source of power quality problems


NTPM sensors provide smart data and intelligent insight into your energy consumption in order to help you make the right strategic decisions and establish best energy practices.

They help you reduce energy costs without compromising productivity or product quality.

Installed at key power points NTPM sensors increase energy efficiency and avoid demand and power factor penalties while uncovering power wasters and hidden power problems that can cause assets failure and costly downtime.

  • Maximum demand monitoring and analysis
  • Power quality monitoring for critical consumers
  • Cost allocation
  • Power factor correction
  • Support preventive maintenance to prolong the lifetime of equipment

Commercial and residential facilities

NTPM sensors can help you cut energy and maintenance costs without affecting the comfort of your tenants or customers. NTPM sensors will monitor all utilities and equipment conditions and help you analyze and improve electrical reliability.

NTPM can forecast energy requirements, optimize future contracts, and precisely allocate or sub-bill costs.

Meet the green building standards by using NTPM system, thus increase the value of your property and attract new customers.

  • Sub-metering
  • Cost allocation
  • Energy procurement optimization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Power availability

Critical consumers/infrastructure

NTPM sensors keep your system runs continuously with the required power supply quality. They measure, identify, and record all power quality disturbances in real-time, thus help you to fix power quality issues as soon as they arise. Minimize costly downtimes related to the power supply and increase energy efficiency.

  • Power quality monitoring and analysis
  • Energy efficiency
  • Alarms

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