The key issue in digitalisation and application of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is the efficient integration of existing physical and virtual assets, like machines and existing software systems. More than 80% of time, effort and cost is spent on integration and only 20% accounts for the development of new functionality that actually brings the benefit expected from the Industrial IoT deployments.

To decrease integration costs and cope with complexities in different industries, we developed an Industrial IoT toolbox, which contains various, ready-made, hardware and software components, built to work seamlessly together. When approaching a concrete digitalisation project, we are able to pick up from these ready-made components and provide integrated solutions much faster and more efficiently than by using products and pieces of technologies coming from different vendors.

The Netico Edge IoT Toolbox contains several specialized Edge devices and the Netico Hive software system. The Edge devices are used for integration of physical assets, while the Netico Hive system provides overall integration and enables the use of third party software and hardware components.

Using the Netico Edge IoT Toolbox we are able to identify industrial use cases, quickly create solutions and productize them for rapid subsequent deployment. Check out our portfolio of existing products and solutions which were developed using the toolbox.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a concrete problem in your digitalisation efforts. We would love to jointly explore the possible solutions.