Netico EDGE Platform – NT EDGE 100 series

Netico EDGE Computing and Data Acquisition Devices

High performance industrial computers for advanced IoT applications

• Dual CPU architecture (real-time + application CPUs)
• Flexible process module selection – Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Audio
• Support of modern network communication protocols (HTTP, FTP, SSH)
• Support of a wide range of industrial protocols
• Open Platform (Linux OS)
• Precompiled installable software
• High Level Python libraries for IO access and advanced analytics


4th Industry revolution brings the need for merge between digital and physical worlds, and Netico Edge platform provides an ideal bridge, where combination of data acquisition, high performance computing and open communication are the most important features. We have created a product that offers effective solution to complex tasks in any industrial environment. This is made possible with:

– Open software platform, specific tools and libraries for data acquisition.
– Wide range of communication protocols and interfaces.
– Use of open source technologies which are backed by huge communities of developers and users.
– Modern hardware architecture proven in consumer applications and modified by Netico for Industrial use.


Netico Edge devices are designed to follow the idea of Open Platform. Every device in the 100 series offers open technologies for software development, so customers can develop their own ideal data acquisition and processing solution. This is made possible with flexible and open Linux distribution that runs on the Edge and a collection of Netico libraries for IO access, making Netico devices very adaptable for system integration and advanced data processing tasks.

Netico uses this open design for its own solutions in domains of electrical energy distribution, oil and gas, energy management and predictive maintenance. In terms of hardware design, Netico Edge devices are true industrial products, designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, mechanical and electromagnetic disturbances.

Advanced Data Processing and Cloud Integration

Netico Edge devices are powered by an open source, Debian based, Linux distribution, which opens door for use of numerous ready-made applications and tools for advanced data processing existing on the Linux platform. On top of that, in our design we endorsed Python programming language as the core programming environment. Netico developed all necessary Python APIs to enable access to all device features from the language. This allows a direct, high speed, feed from the Edge I/O modules into the Python environment and use of a number of libraries for advanced, real-time, data processing and machine learning. With such architecture, Netico Edge is ideal for deployment in demanding Industrial Internet of Things scenarios, where focus is on advanced data processing and analytics.

Endorsement of Python brings support for many standard and proprietary communication protocols, which make Netico Edge devices ideal as cloud gateways. Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM and other internet of things cloud providers are supported natively using appropriate Python APIs, made available by these providers.


Analog and Digital IO Device – NT EDGE ADIO 100

A powerful Edge computing device that, in the basic configuration, comes with 8 analog inputs and 24 digital inputs/outputs. With its sampling frequency of up to 30 kilo-samples per second, the Netico ADIO device can be used for most demanding data acquisition and processing tasks. High performance CPU with digital signal processing acceleration can be used for real-time signal processing directly on the device, through the user friendly Linux environment and the powerful set of Python data processing libraries. The device provides enough power to run the most demanding machine learning models directly on the stream of real time data coming from the monitored process. Open architecture, which is characteristic of the whole EDGE 100 series, allows easy integration into any on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

Industrial Sound Processing Device – NT EDGE Audio Sense (AS) 100

The unique edge platform for real-time acquisition and processing of sound information in an industrial environment. Netico Edge Audio Sense provides 4 audio and one auxiliary input with sampling frequencies of up to 30 kilo-samples per second, and 16 bit resolution.
Audio sense is ideal for implementation of monitoring and predictive maintenance functionality based on the sound emitted by monitored assets. It is also an ideal solution for industrial quality monitoring in cases where product quality can be directly measured from the sound emitted or indirectly produced by a monitored product.

Base Device – NT EDGE Base 100

This is just a computing and communication device, without any local IO. As such it is useful for integration with existing control equipment, like PLCs and Control Systems, and processing of information coming from them. With its support for a range of communication protocols, it is an ideal cloud gateway for any industrial environment.

Data acquisition, data logging device– NT EDGE DR 100

Netico Edge family is ideal for industrial data acquisition. Apart from wide selection of I/O’s and support of different industrial protocols, it offers an optional high-performance local data storage in a form of a solid-state drive, under the name Data Recorder (NT EdgeDR 100). Thanks to its open Linux foundation, such configuration supports a number of open source databases (like MySQL, InfluxDB, MongoDB, etc.), data manipulation tools and communication protocols, making it an ideal industrial data acquisition and logging solution.

Value Proposition

Netico Edge devices provide a unique environment for development of industrial internet of things solutions through the combination of high-performance hardware, support of modern communication standards and open software architecture. Openness and endorsement of standard technologies like Linux and Python are the key for rapid deployment in the highly segmented industrial market, dominated by isolated islands of automation and proprietary industrial communication protocols. Netico Edge provides a necessary bridge, making integration and data processing tasks much easier.

Key value of Netico Edge is encapsulation of complex industrial data acquisition tasks in easy to use APIs that bring information directly to the standard environment in a format supported by a number of open data processing and communication libraries. This greatly decreases integration costs and opens possibilities to combine different technologies in new and innovative ways.

Netico NTPM 100 - Netico Smart Energy Sensor

Netico NTPM series of smart energy sensors combine monitoring of electrical energy consumption, power quality analysis, and management of electrical energy use in a single powerful and cost effective internet connected device. With Ethernet connectivity and built in web server supporting cloud level analytics, NTPM sensors can be quickly and easily deployed in any energy management scenario, without the need for complex and expensive middleware and long integration projects.


• Energy management in industrial, office and residential facilities
• Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, distribution or production
• Monitoring of power quality for critical consumers
• Remote monitoring of switchboards and medium voltage connections
• Remote monitoring of 10/0.4 KV transformer stations for improved consumption prediction and grid planning

Main features:

• Supports three-phase and single-phase installations
• Measures and calculates more than 30 electrical energy parameters.
• Full Internet connectivity through the standard Ethernet interface
• Web based user interface supporting rich functionality and REST model for easy integration with mobile apps and cloud applications
• Built in RS485 interface for integration with PLCs and other industrial hardware
• MODBUS TCP and RTU protocol support
• Two relay based digital outputs for control functions
• Built in rule engine allowing automatic control and notification functionality
• Real time clock with support for network time synchronization
• Long term storage of all measurement data.
• Optional display

Ease of integration:

One of the key benefits of Netico smart energy sensors is their ability to store up to 5 years of measurement data, eliminating the need for complex middleware, databases or additional data logging hardware, and drastically reducing integration costs. Web browser on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone is the only external application necessary to get access to the comprehensive analytics functionality built directly into the device.