Digital radio is the key enabler and the key element of a communication infrastructure for wide-area industrial systems like electric distribution networks, oil and gas transportation systems, logistics operations, etc. Netico telecommunications engineering team provides a full design and installation service for a wide area of digital radio communications. We offer a full service, which includes radio survey, design of the telecommunication system and finally installation of radio equipment and antennas.

Radio survey

For reliable radio equipment communication, it’s imperative to do a full radio survey, which includes a comprehensive analysis of the terrain to ensure the best radio reception for all connected assets in the field. Our engineers will do a full case study with field equipment testing to ensure that every installed radio system is at its maximum performance, to avoid and reduce communications disturbance and to optimize installation and maintenance costs.

Antenna and Radio Installation

In addition to radio survey, we provide our customers with installation service for all their radio and antenna requirements. Our team is very experienced and well equipped to perform professional and reliable installation service in this domain. We have already performed an installation on a few hundred locations including full design and installation in mountain regions, which are especially challenging for reliable radio communication.