Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform

Netico is selected as one of 18 winners of the ZDMP Open Call 2, a call for innovative ideas and projects based on the ZDMP core technology. Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP) aims at providing an extendable platform for supporting factories with a high interoperability level to cope with the concept of connected factories to reach the zero defects goal. In this context, ZDMP will allow end-users to connect their systems (i.e. shopfloor and ERP Systems) to benefit from the features of the platform. These benefits include products and production quality assurance among others. More information is available at the official ZDMP home page.

Netico subproject is titled SmartTwin4ZDM and aims at development of an innovative digital twin solution for support of manufacturing quality processes.


SmartTwin4ZDM proposes a novel quality control and monitoring system based on smart Digital Twins (DTs) that are able to predict evolution of a product along the manufacturing line in the most efficient and effective way, to ensure product quality and reduce appearance and propagation of defects. The smart DT will predict the values of the critical product KPIs and will be continuously updated with the actual values of parameters of influence, measured along the line, at the same pace as the line. In this way, not only appearance of defects will be prevented, but also, at system level, propagation of defects to downstream processes and products will also be eliminated.

This project has received cascading funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631.