Research and Development



Netico offers a full service in development of hardware and software solutions and products using proven development lifecycle methods and tools. We support all of the major technology stacks in the enterprise and business software development – Microsoft, Java, Google and Apple. In addition, we offer a full service in design end development of embedded systems and products. This includes design and development of both hardware and software components in such systems.
Netico R&D services include the complete development project lifecycle, from setup and project management to delivery and support, including all of the major phases of a typical project:

  • Requirements collection,
  • Design,
  • Implementation,
  • Testing,
  • Deployment/commissioning, and
  • Support


Enterprise & Mobility Application Development

We offer turn key development services for design and development of enterprise applications that target specific business needs and processes. In particular, we have an extensive experience in development of business intelligence and reporting applications. In addition we offer a full service in development of modern applications for mobile devices, like mobile phones and tablets, using technology stacks from Apple (iPad and iPhone), Google (Android phones and tablets) and RIM (Blackbery).

Embedded systems

Netico has an extensive expertise in managing complex embedded software and
hardware development projects, and can deliver complete embedded system solutions or products while ensuring customer focus on overall program objectives. We specialize in the use of open source technologies for embedded development and have an extensive experience with embedded Linux, Google Android and Free RTOS.


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