Netico NTPM 100/200 DIN Rail Mount Energy Management Sensor

Internet connectivity and WEB support

NTPM energy sensors are, in a standard configuration, equipped with either WiFi or Ethernet interfaces depending on the model. This enables extremely easy integration in existing network infrastructure. In addition, a built in Web support provides an easy way to interact with a device from any web enabled front end, including tablets and mobile phones.
Any HTML5 based web browser is the only external software needed to configure and operate NTPM sensors.

NTPM Works with any HTML5 enabled browser

The built in web interface allows instant access to real-time as well as historical measurements, which are displayed in an attractive, dashboard like, user interface.
It is possible to easily configure graphs to compare and display only desired information.

Configurable graphs

Configuration Settings
Configuration is also done through the web, without the need for any additional tools or external software. All configuration options are available through a set of WEB links, which are accessible only to administrative users.

Login is required to access both measurement data and configuration options. Two classes of users are available: administrators, who can see all the measurements and change device configuration, and ordinary users who can access only measurement data.



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