Netico NTPM 100/200 DIN Rail Mount Energy Management Sensor

Netico NTPM Energy Management Sensor

NTPM series of energy management sensors combine monitoring of electrical energy consumption, power quality analysis, and management of electrical energy use in a single powerful internet connected device, for the price of ordinary power meters. With Ethernet or WiFi connectivity and built in web server, NTPM sensors can be quickly and easily deployed in any energy management scenario.
Possible applications are:

  • energy management in industrial, office and residential facilities,
  • remote monitoring of switchboards and low and medium voltage connections,
  • monitoring of power quality for critical consumers.

The main features include:

  • measurement and calculation of more than 100 electrical energy parameters,
  • full Internet connectivity based on Ethernet or WiFi interfaces,
  • web based user interface,
  • historical data storage of all the measured parameters,
  • Web service and MODBUS TCP interfaces for data retrieval by external applications,
  • two relay based digital outputs for control of energy use,
  • built in rule engine allowing automatic control and notification functionality,
  • real time clock with support for network time synchronization.

Download the product data sheet for detailed list of characteristics and contact us for more information and ordering.


Internet connectivity and WEB support

NTPM energy sensors are, in a standard configuration, equipped with either WiFi or Ethernet interfaces depending on the model. This enables extremely easy integration in existing network infrastructure…

Rich set of measured electrical parameters

NTPM sensors support measurement and automatic calculation of more than 100 electrical energy parameters…

Historical data storage

Each NTPM device is equipped with solid state memory and supports permanent storage of measured and calculated parameters…

Built in rule engine

NTPM sensors are equipped with a flexible but simple rule engine for efficient automation of energy management tasks…