Distro10 SCADA

Distro10 Lightweight Electrical SCADA

Distro10 is a lightweight electrical SCADA software, based on Microsoft Windows operating system, and developed specifically for monitoring and control of medium and low voltage power grids. It easily integrates with an existing power network infrastructure through digital radio, 3G, urban WiFi, or Internet connections, and supports major utilities communication protocols like DNP3, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101/104, etc.
The main features include:

  • intuitive HMI,
  • client/server architecture,
  • real-time grid monitoring,
  • powerful grid editor,
  • comprehensive alarm system,
  • history data storage.

Distro10 SCADA provides a very cost effective solution for deployment in small and medium sized electrical grids, like:

  • micro grids,
  • small regional grids, or
  • urban power networks.

Contact us to learn more and see Distro10 in action.


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