Our customers are active in following areas:

  • Electric Utility companies looking to deploy modern information and communication technologies in operation of the electric grid.
  • Oil & Gas companies involved in management of long pipeline facilities.
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies seeking to improve their business processes and integrate procurement, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies looking to deploy mobile devices in support of different business processes.
  • Industrial instrument and device manufacturers seeking for open multimedia user interface for their own products.  We help to reduce their production, support and maintenance costs. Additionally our solutions provide more versatile and enjoyable user experience.
  • SCADA system suppliers looking to leverage 3G, WiFi and radio communications, as well as additional features like remote building management, access control, information sharing and surveillance.
  • Industrial end users seeking to leverage consumer technologies in their operations to benefit from much broader R&D community and user experience that is much more familiar to new young employees at the plant.
  • Machine builders seeking to replace PLCs and Panel PCs with devices based on consumer technologies, with integrated touch screen and control logic in one device with low power consumption.

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