We believe that information and communication technologies (ICT) should play much broader role in supporting business strategies of our industrial and manufacturing customers. This goes beyond traditional use of IT for financial reporting and internal business process support. We help integrate enterprise IT solutions in our customers products and services, thus helping them innovate and create new business opportunities.
Our understanding of business processes, combined with a broad experience in various information and communication technologies, help us offer services ranging from global business and strategy to development of technology solutions that solve specific business problems.

Business Consulting

  • Business development and strategic consulting in the IT domain.
  • Business and Marketing consulting in management of hardware and software products and services.
  • Design of IT products and services based on emerging market needs.
  • Consulting in the domain of IT operations management and green IT initiatives.
  • Sales support of IT products and services in domains of manufacturing, global supply chain and business process integration.


Technology Consulting

  • Enterprise IT Architecture consulting for industrial and manufacturing companies.
  • Consulting related to manufacturing IT systems and interoperability between manufacturing and enterprise business processes.
  • Design of enterprise wide business intelligence solutions.
  • IT Project and Program Management.
  • Technical design of hardware and software products and solutions, including design of the complete product/solution architecture and selection of appropriate technologies and implementation methodologies.

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