Netico NTPM 100/200 DIN Rail Mount Energy Management Sensor

Built in rule engine

NTPM sensors are equipped with a flexible but simple rule engine for efficient automation of energy management tasks. The rule engine can generate alarms, events, and control relay actions based on real-time measurements and calculations combined in a configurable set of rules, to achieve concrete energy saving actions.
Rules are defined as simple IF-THEN statements, where measured and calculated parameters are combined to create a set of conditions. Based on the constant evaluation of each condition, the NTPM device triggers corresponding actions, like raising of soft alarms or switching of signaling relays present in all NTPM models. It is possible for example to create a rule that raises an alarm whenever the current energy demand goes above the certain level in the given time period, thus avoiding penalties for breaching contractually agreed maximum demand level.

NTPM Built in Rule Engine

Unlike competitor power meters in the same price range, which typically provide only measurement of energy consumption, thanks to the built in rule engine, NTPM energy sensors can actively support energy saving actions.



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